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Epilepsy Alarms Donate a Brio System

We were delighted to donate a Brio system to Hannah Chapman so she could monitor her daughter Skylar after she completed a social media challenge on behalf of Epilepsy Alarms UK.

Skylar has had Epilepsy since she was 3 months old and suffers from multiple tonic-clonic seizures at night. Hannah is so worried about Skylar that she sleeps in the same bed to ensure she is there to provide comfort and assistance during Skylar’s seizures.

Skylar is quite small for her age so she wears the wrist bands around her ankle so that the Brio system can still monitor her pulse rate. Due to her heart condition, Skylar’s resting pulse is quite high, but the Brio system alerts Hannah on her Samsung phone when the heart rate becomes significantly high which very often indicates a seizure is about to occur.

Within a day of starting to use the Brio system, Hannah was able to determine that Skylar’s heart rate was much higher than previously thought during seizure activity. This vital data can now be shared with her Consultant and Epilepsy nurse so that Skylar can receive a more appropriate treatment.

Hannah said – “We absolutely love the Brio alarm, it has made such a difference in my life already. Thank you so much”.

Stewart Smith, Director at Epilepsy Alarms commented, “We are absolutely thrilled that Hannah took up the challenge we set her on Facebook. She stuck to the task which showed us she was a more than worthy recipient of the Brio system.”

He added, “What makes us so happy is that it’s already proved beneficial to their quality of life and improved Hannah’s understanding of Skylar’s heart condition, especially during a seizure. We are looking forward to helping many more families like Hannah and Skylar!”

Update (2023)

With the Brio now discontinued, we encourage customers to explore alternative products available today from Epilepsy Alarms including the Alert-iT Pulse Companion.

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