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Epilepsy is a complex condition that affects over 600,000 people across the UK, many of whom are children and young adults. The good news is that technological advancement has created a wide variety of epilepsy alarms and sensors that can help both those with epilepsy and their carers. Epilepsy Alarms provide the most comprehensive range of reliable and accurate monitoring alarms and epilepsy sensors to help detect and manage a wide range of seizures, including tonic-clonic and myoclonic.

We supply epilepsy alarms and sensors that use cutting-edge technology from the world’s leading epileptic seizure alarm manufacturers such as Danish Care, Emfit, Alert-It and BrioCare. We have a range of bed sensors and wrist-worn epilepsy monitors that are suitable for both adults and children.

If you need advice about which alarm would best suit your needs, then please get in touch. Our friendly team have a wealth of experience and can help you select the right epilepsy sensor for you and will answer any questions you may have. You can get in touch via email or by calling us on 0800 180 8833.

New for October 2019!

Updated: 08/10/19 – We are delighted to announce the addition of two new epilepsy monitors this month. We are sure the Embrace2 from Empatica and the Pulse Companion from Alert-it are going to revolutionise the way epilepsy is managed and reported.

The Embrace2 is “world’s most accurate epilepsy management device”. It’s lightweight, stylish and has some of the most advanced seizure detection technology available. It measures EDA, movement and temperature to help detect seizures. Exclusively available in the UK from Epilepsy Alarms. Prices start from just £249. Find out more here.

The Pulse Companion is an impressive device that uses the latest pulse technology to detect changes in heart rate that may signify seizure activity. Alerts are sent to a pager equipped with a 450m range, suitable for any home or medical environment. Find out more here.

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Bed Sensors

Bed Sensors

Our range of bed sensors monitor movement and raise an alert when they detect repetitive motion that is common with Tonic Clonic seizures, they can be used for all ages.
Wrist Sensors

Wrist Sensors

We have a range of easy to use wrist sensors to help detect seizures. These include sensors that detect changes in heart rate such as Brio and Pulse Companion as well as devices that monitor movement and electrodermal activity such as the Embrace2.

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Meet Oliver

Oliver has epilepsy seizures at night. His parents have installed the Brio system which will monitor his seizure activity and alert them if he needs help.
Meet Jack

Meet Jack

Find out how the EpiCare alarm helped Jack regain his confidence
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