Support with Epilepsy Alarm Equipment

The fastest way to receive your epilepsy alarm equipment is to purchase it through our online shop. However, we appreciate that some clients require assistance to raise funds for their epilepsy sensor. If this is your preferred route, then you have several options available to you.

Firstly, we would recommend contacting your local epilepsy nurse or consultant. They may be able to refer you on for epilepsy monitor funding. Alternatively, you may also benefit from contacting your local occupational therapist and social services departments.

If you require funding and the above routes prove unsuccessful, then there are several UK Charities that have limited funding available for essential epilepsy alarm equipment, or at the very least can assist you with raising the funds.

UK Charities That Can Help

It’s important to highlight which epileptic seizure equipment you require when discussing this with an organisation. Once we have been contacted by the chosen organisation, we’ll liaise directly with them and then supply you with the appropriate alarm.

Please note that these options can take time and perseverance and you may have to be prepared to try several routes to obtain funding for your epilepsy medical alert sensor.

NHS & Local Authorities

We work with many local authorities and NHS trusts throughout the UK and we will happily liaise with epilepsy nurses, consultants, occupational therapists and other medical professionals to ensure you receive the right epilepsy alarm for you.

If you work for or represent a local authority or other organisation and wish to place an order with us for an epilepsy alarm, please visit Ordering An Epilepsy Alarm as a Local Authority.

Pay later with no interest and no fees.*

We understand that not everyone can afford to buy an epilepsy alarm in one go, so we’ve introduced an easier way to pay.

With Pay in 3 from PayPal, you can spread the cost of your purchase into 3 interest-free instalments.

* Pay in 3 is a form of credit, so carefully consider whether the purchase is affordable and how you will make the repayments. Be aware of the possible impact of using Pay in 3 and of missing payments, including making other borrowing more difficult or more expensive.

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