A Wide Range of Epilepsy Alarms In One Place

We have the broadest range of epilepsy seizure detection equipment in the UK. We only stock reputable, global brands such as Empatica, Alert-it, Emfit and EpiCare.

We’re also the sole UK distributors of new technologies such as Brio and Nightwatch.

We are proud members of the TSA, supplying services to local authorities, social care departments, occupational therapists and epilepsy nurses.

Request A Free 60-Day Trial of the Embrace2

A blue Embrace2 epilepsy monitor

We know it can be difficult to make purchasing decisions without testing the equipment first. That’s why we are happy to offer local authorities, charities, and other organisations a free 60-day evaluation trial of the Embrace2 device.

We can only offer free trials for the wrist-worn Embrace2 epilepsy sensor at this time. However, our full range of products can be purchased.

Please note, these terms and conditions apply to all trial arrangements. You will be asked to return a signed copy before your trial goes ahead.

Who can request a free 60-day trial?

Free trials are only available to organisations such as local authorities, NHS trusts, or charities.

If you are an individual who would like to trial our equipment - please contact your local authority and ask them to arrange this with us on your behalf.

What devices are available?

We can only offer free trials for the Embrace2 epilepsy sensor at this time. However, our full range of products can be purchased.

What equipment is provided as a part of the free trial?

We provide the Embrace2 wrist-sensor and a Samsung smartphone which comes pre-installed with the Empatica 'Alert' and 'Mate' apps.

Do the devices need to be set up?

No. We will set the devices up ourselves and deliver them ready-to-use.

How long can the equipment be tested for? Can the trial be extended?

Trials are 60 days.

Typically, 60 days is sufficient time to assess the suitability of an epilepsy alarm for the end-user. If you require an extension to the trial, please contact us.

Can a free trial be arranged for more than one person at a time?

Each Embrace2 device is calibrated by us to suit the end-user. For this reason, devices are not to be shared amongst different users.

We can arrange trials for multiple devices each with different end-users.

The Embrace2 epilepsy monitor is one of the most advanced epilepsy detection devices in the world, providing peace of mind to thousands of families across the UK.

Here, Epilepsy Alarms UK brand ambassador Dr Hilary Jones discusses it’s benefits, uses and features with a visual demonstration of the associated apps.

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