We are specialists in providing solutions for people who suffer epileptic seizures

Epilepsy Alarms UK specialises in providing seizure monitoring solutions for people who suffer from epilepsy.

We have teamed up with the world’s leading manufacturers to provide alarms and sensors that can detect a range of seizure activity. As technology continues to advance, the methods of detecting and managing seizures through the use of epilepsy alarms continue to move forward, producing products that can help people live independent and fulfilling lives and we are proud to be at the forefront of that.

We have a specialist team on hand to help advise you on which epileptic seizure alarms may be best suitable for your situation. Some of our team have had epilepsy themselves in the past, so we are well placed to give sound impartial advice if you are looking for an epilepsy sensor or alarm.

We have years of experience in the telecare industry and we are experts in monitoring vulnerable people across the UK through our 24/7 control centre. This means that you have access to a care team 24 hours a day if you need it.

We are also proud to work alongside Dr Hilary Jones, the UK’s favourite GP. He works alongside us to raise awareness of how technology can assist people to manage epilepsy more effectively. This includes epilepsy alarms for children that can help parents have peace of mind and a good night’s sleep!

About our partners

Telecare24 is the leading personal alarm and careline service provider throughout the UK, supplying elderly pendant alarms and 24hr careline monitoring to individuals in their own homes. Telecare24 also supply the 24/7 monitoring should you select the smartphone or careline option on the EpiCARE alarms. Their state of the art call centre fully complies with the TSA Code of Practice and British Standard BS5979. This means you and your loved ones receive the very best 24hr emergency Careline service available.

Possum Ltd is a British company which develops electronic assistive technology products and systems. In April 2009, Possum Ltd received one of the most prestigious business awards in the UK, the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the innovation category.Possum is leading the development of new and innovative solutions to help people with a wider range of needs including those suffering with epileptic seizures and conditions experienced by elderly and young people.

Alert-iT is one of the UK’s leading innovators and manufacturers within the care alarm industry. They specialise in the design, production, distribution and support of care alarm equipment and have a particular expertise in creating Epilepsy alarms and sensors to support people with the condition. Their care solutions are provided to domestic homes, care homes and healthcare manufacturers. Alert-iT care solutions are delivered through advanced scientific, research and development methods.

Danish Care Technology produces equipment to treat persons suffering from strokes and seizures. Danish Care develops products to the highest specifications ensuring that they are accurate, safe and easy to use, whether being used in hospitals, institutions or private homes. A product from Danish Care is based on years of experience as a supplier of medical products to hospitals and to some of the biggest and well-reputed companies in the medical industry.

Our brilliant team

Neil Evans

Neil Evans - Director

Neil has over 20 years experience in the telecare sector and is the calm unflappable centre of Epilepsy Alarms. No matter the problem, he’s on hand to guide the team through and ensure our customers are satisfied and receive the best possible level of service.

Outside of work Neil is very active with community and social enterprise projects in the local community and is an active Charity Trustee.

Stewart Smith

Stewart Smith - Director

Stewart has been involved with the telecare industry for over twenty years, specialising in developing and launching technology to assist people with Epilepsy.

He has helped develop and launch various products for UK customers, including Nightwatch, MJN and the Embrace. His wealth of experience has helped Epilepsy Alarms become the UK’s largest supplier of Epilepsy products.

Stewart enjoys travelling, various sporting activities, and spending time with his wife and two children.

Tanya Hermann

Tanya Hermann - Finance Manager

Tanya controls the purse strings, constantly ensuring Telecare24 is providing the best value-for-money service on the market today. Tanya’s keen eye for detail is legendary among her colleagues.

When not at work Tanya’s time is taken up by her two young boys. A tomboy at heart, Tanya is seldom happier than taking her children mountain biking or cheering them on from the side of the football pitches of Cardiff.

Sophia Young

Sophia Young – Customer Service

Sophia is a highly dedicated member of our team with over 10 years of customer service experience with some of the largest companies in the UK. There’s no challenge too big for Sophia and her infectious sense of humour ensures our office is always a fun place to be.

For the last two years Sophia has been dealing with processing orders, customer queries and overseeing technical queries.

Outside of work Sophia enjoys nothing more than spending time with her two daughters. Once the children are tucked up in bed, Sophia loves catching up on all her favourite TV series.

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