What is VAT Exemption?

VAT exemption is a tax relief scheme governed by HMRC that enables people with a disability or a long-term medical condition, such as epilepsy, to pay for epilepsy alarm systems without paying VAT. For most of our customers, that’s a 20% saving!

Please note, all prices shown on our website already exclude VAT.

Source: HM Revenue & Customs

What long-term medical conditions qualify?

There are several medical conditions that qualify for VAT exemption but all you probably need to know is if you have epilepsy then you qualify!

You do not need HMRC’s permission to declare that you’re eligible for VAT exemption.

Read more about what HMRC means by ‘chronically sick or disabled’.

How to save 20% on an epilepsy alarm

We’ve made it easy for you to declare VAT exemption and save money on your purchase.

Simply select ‘Epilepsy’ at our checkout when we ask about VAT exemption.


A screenshot of the VAT exemption question in our checkout

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