Epi-Care Mobile

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  • Detects Tonic Clonic Seizures
  • Suitable for age 10+
  • Ideal for people who have a degree of independence. 

Epi-Care is a unique Epilepsy Medical alert bracelet that detects Tonic Clonic seizures. Its’s suitable for anyone over 10 years old. With a discreet and modern design, the wrist worn Epi-Care Epilepsy alert bracelet is an unobtrusive to the needs of many people living with epilepsy

The lightweight Epilepsy sensor is worn on the wrist and can be worn throughout the day and night. It needs just an hour to charge. The advanced 3-axis accelerometer can detect convulsions and vibrations that occur during seizures. The intelligent gyroscope within the wristband can differentiate between a seizure and the movement of everyday activities.

The Epi-Care wrist sensor connects to your Android smartphone via Bluetooth and sends data to the Epi-Care Epilepsy App that we provide as part of the package. This enables you to wear the alarm wherever you go during the day.

If you experience a seizure the app will immediately send an alert to registered friends or loved ones. If you prefer you can subscribe to our 24/7 monitoring service, so alerts are sent direct to our care team who can then summon immediate assistance. The alert can be sent by text and voice and will include your GPS co-ordinates so that any help can be sent directly to your location.

You must have an android smartphone from our current approved list for the Epilepsy App. The handset must be within a range of 20m from the Epi-Care Epilepsy Alert bracelet for it to work effectively.

Current Approved List 

Samsung S5 Neo
LG Leon 4G LTE
Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy J5
OnePlus One
Google/LG Nexus 5X
Samsung Galaxy A3
Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

We ordered this for our son who was just starting University. Its been brilliant as we don’t worry so much about him and he has the confidence to live a normal life. We have been alerted a few times and we have been able to get him help as we were able to see exactly where he was when his seizure started. – E. Smith, Yorkshire

Great device, easy to use and really helps my daughter to feel confident when she goes out. It’s more expensive than a bed sensor there but its worth every penny. – A. Sousa, London

How long does the battery last? 
The battery lasts 23 hours and takes 1 hour to charge.

What types of seizure will the EpiCare detect? 
The Epileptic Seizure alarm will detect tonic-clonic / grand mal seizures via its 3-dimensional accelerometer.

Is the sensor waterproof? 
The sensor has a level of waterproof protection (IP32), allowing users to wear it whilst washing their hands for example. However, we recommend the epilepsy monitor is removed prior to showering or bathing.

What range does the sensor have? 
The Epilepsy alert bracelet is connected via Bluetooth to the control unit which has a range of about 20 metres. If using the smartphone version, the EpiCare will connect via Bluetooth to the smartphone, again the range is approximately 20 metres.

What happens when you are out of range? 
The Epilepsy sensor will alert you when you are out of range from the control unit as well as informing you if the battery is low or the signal is interrupted.

Are seizures logged? 
Yes the control unit logs each incident allowing you to easily keep a seizure journal

Do you have to order the 24/7 careline with the Smartphone option? 
With the Smartphone App you can program the EpiCare to alert any loved one or guardian. Alternatively, you can choose for the EpiCare Epilepsy alert bracelet to be connected to the 24/7 monitoring service through TeleCare24.

If I choose the Careline alarm option, can it be programmed to call a relative? 
No, the careline alarm is programmed to call the 24/7 monitoring service provided by our sister company TeleCare24. Additional monthly fee applies.

See how one young man and his family benefited from the Epi-Care wrist sensor.

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