Pulse Companion

Pulse Companion detects changes in heart rate and alert carers and loved ones to potential seizures in the home via a pager.

  • Lightweight wrist sensor monitors heart rate
  • Potential seizure alerts sent to a 450m range pager
  • Medically Certified Device*
  • Ideal for nocturnal seizures
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Pulse Companion £599
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Seizure Detection Using Pulse Monitoring

Most people’s heart rate remains within certain parameters, especially at night when you are sleeping. This is useful as your heart rate may increase or decrease just before a seizure occurs. This is where Pulse Companion can help.

Pulse Companion is a discreet and easy-to-wear armband that monitors your heart rate, a key indicator of seizure activity and alerts you if there is a significant change in heart rate.

Ideal for Children and Teenagers

The device is perfect for parents who need to be alerted if their child is having a seizure during the night, but it’s also suitable for clients living in residential care environments.

Individualised Settings 

The Pulse Companion armband permanently monitors your pulse rate and will activate an alert when the heart rate rises above or falls below a pre-set threshold. This threshold is set by the caregiver and can be personalised via the Alert-it app, which is available on iOS and Google Play. This is important as heart rate can vary due to factors such as age, gender and conditions associated with epilepsy.

When Pulse Companion identifies a significant change in the heart rate an alarm sounds on the pager, allowing you to intervene and help your loved one or client. The alarm is loud and continuous, designed to quickly warn you. The only way to stop and reset the alarm is to clear the warning on the Pulse Companion, meaning the alerts can’t be ignored.

Safe, Secure Seizure Detection.

Importantly, the Pulse Companion pager has a 450m range, making it ideal for most residential environments, including private homes, care facilities, clinics and hospitals

Pulse Companion and the pager are constantly sending signals through radio technology. They connect and update every eight seconds. The pager will sound an alert if:

  • A user’s pulse rate falls outside the pre-set threshold
  • You take the pager out of the 450m range
  • The Pulse Companion fails or
  • The armband fails or is turned off

With these inbuilt safety features, you will always have peace of mind knowing that should anything within the device malfunction, you’ll be alerted.

Dr Hilary Explains How the Pulse Companion Works

Expandable Connectivity

Amazingly, Pulse Companion can be used with up to 63 other devices.

Pulse Companion is compatible with other types of monitoring, for example, movement sensors or enuresis sensors.

If you have multiple individuals with epilepsy within one location, then multiple Pulse Companions can be connected to one pager. Alternatively using the Alert-iT Connect-iT, the Pulse Companion can be connected to telecare or a nurse call system.


*Pulse Companion is advertised as manufactured with ISO13485:2016 accreditation and meets the requirements to be classed as a Class 1 medical device by the MHRA.

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