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Embrace2 and Pulse Companion Launch this October!

Wrist sensors for Epilepsy detection

Updated: 08/10/19

History tells us that October is the month for launching ground-breaking products.

Those of you with great memories will no doubt remember October 1880, the year Thomas Edison opened the first electric light factory, or perhaps October 1908 when the Model T hit the streets. For those of us with only more recent memories, you may recall Sony launching the first-ever CD player in October 1982.

I say this because this October we are super proud to be launching two new epilepsy products for UK customers, both of which represent the very latest in epilepsy seizure detection. We feel they are game-changers in how epilepsy can be detected and managed.

We are convinced thousands of families will benefit from the Embrace2 and the Pulse Companion epilepsy monitors. Let’s look at both in a bit more detail.

Embrace2 Epilepsy Monitor

Empatica design the world’s smallest wearable devices to help manage epilepsy and other conditions. The Embrace2 is their latest product and brings with it the title of being the “world’s most accurate epilepsy management device.”

Interestingly, Embrace2 has achieved FDA clearance in the US (the American equivalent of the MHRA in the UK) a real sign of a quality product as they have strict criteria to gain certification. That should give many parents and carers real peace of mind as to its accuracy and reliability.

How does Embrace2 work?

Epilepsy is an extremely complex condition and can evidence itself in a variety of ways. To detect tonic-clonic seizures, Embrace2 monitors several physiological indicators, making it suitable for children and adults. Embrace2 is unique in that it uses advanced machine learning to monitor seizure activity, meaning it learns and adapts to you, ensuring accuracy during seizure reporting.

Embrace 2 is incredibly lightweight and thin, it’s astonishing how much tech is squeezed into such a small enclosure. It looks and feels like a smartwatch, which helps remove any stigma normally associated with epilepsy monitoring.

The wrist sensor monitors Electrodermal Activity (EDA), which includes sweat secretion, a key indicator of seizure activity. The advanced microchip also monitors movement and temperature patterns using a gyroscope and an accelerometer. It’s the only epilepsy sensor on the market that combines all these elements into one device.

One Sensor – 2 Apps

To benefit fully from using the Embrace2, you will need to connect it to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and download the Alert and Mate apps, both of which are available on the App Store and Google Play.

The Alert app can analyse all the data the wrist sensor collects and interprets the EDA, movement and temperature information to detect seizure activity.

When a seizure is detected it will use either the Wi-Fi or mobile data connection to send an automated SMS and a call to registered carers or loved ones, including the GPS location. This means Embrace2 can literally be used anywhere!

To gain access to this app you need to subscribe to one of the monthly or annual plans. For pricing information, please see our Embrace2 product page and heads up you get 1 month free when you purchase.

The Mate app has been designed to help you understand how your epilepsy can be managed by converting the data into easy to understand visual graphics. This can be helpful as it provides users with real insight into daily routines, sleep patterns and other activities. All seizures are logged enabling you to share this information with medical professionals.

Embrace2 – Key Facts
• Battery: 48hr on a 90 min charge
• Weight: 13g
• Waterproof: Resistant to 1m.
• Seizure detection: Tonic-Clonic seizures lasting 20 secs +

Pulse Companion Epilepsy Sensor

Pulse Companion is also a game-changer and was just released last week.
Pulse detection has been used for some time now, establishing itself as a reliable method of seizure detection, especially for tonic-clonic seizures.

How Does Pulse Companion Work?

Pulse companion monitors a user’s heart rate to detect seizures. This is because the pulse will often change quite dramatically just before a seizure occurs. It’s not the case with every type of epilepsy but is common with many.

The wrist sensor is connected via Bluetooth to a nearby smartphone device and sends the data to the Pulse Companion app. The app enables you to set individual pulse settings, a high and a low, creating a safe zone between the two. When the heart rate moves outside these settings it will raise an alert to let you know a seizure may be about to occur.

However, this is where the Pulse Companion sets itself apart.

Pulse Detection – No Device Needed!

Once you have set the heart rate parameters with the smartphone, you no longer need the wrist sensor to connect to the smartphone. You can walk away with your device.

Instead, the wrist sensor automatically connects to the Pulse Companion control unit, which is about the size of a matchbox. This can be left nearby (within 10m). If a change in the pulse is detected, the smart box will send an alert to a pager that has an amazing 450m range! That makes Pulse Companion suitable for any home or care environment.

Crucially though, Pulse Companion does not store any seizure data. There’s a limitation with the Bluetooth range, but the data it records can be essential information for many families and health professionals.

Pulse Companion – Key Facts
Battery: 24hr on a 90 min charge
• Weight: 27g
• Waterproof: Fully to 3m at IP68.
• Seizure detection: Tonic-Clonic seizures

If you’re interested in learning more about Embrace2 or Pulse Companion, go to our website or give us a call on 0800 180 8833.

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