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SUDEP Awareness Day

What is SUDEP?

SUDEP stands for Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy – something that affects many families across the world. Alarmingly, here in the UK there are 3 such deaths EVERY DAY – and the SUDEP Awareness Day is designed to help raise awareness of this situation as most of these are avoidable.

Are You SUDEP Savvy?

This year’s theme is “Are You SUDEP Savvy?” – highlighting issues such as the importance of not overindulging in alcohol or using recreational drugs. These two aspects alone can be devastating to someone with Epilepsy.

With the University year just underway it imperative that students with Epilepsy are made very aware of the consequences of the above. This can be especially difficult when their peers may well be experimenting with such things for the very first time. Our advice is these are best left well alone.

Not everyone with Epilepsy is at risk of SUDEP, however, SUDEP Action advice recommends that you discuss any lifestyle changes such as pregnancy or moving to University with your healthcare professional.

Technology To Help Prevent SUDEP

Technology is now also playing a part in helping people with epilepsy get the help they need quicker than before, wherever they are at the time of a seizure. Devices such as the Epi-Care epilepsy alarm are particularly helpful for young people with epilepsy who may lead active social lives but need to make loved ones aware when a seizure occurs. This wrist sensor is helping many young people across the UK enjoy happy fulfilling lives having the peace of mind to enjoy lie to the full despite their epilepsy.

Alternatively, many parents are finding the PulseGuard kit essential for monitoring their children who may have nocturnal seizures. This comfortable wrist or ankle sensor connects to an iPad that monitors the pulse and activates an alarm just prior to a seizure taking place. Anecdotal evidence suggests this device has saved many lives already.

All of these devices are available through our website. If you would like to order a free information pack then we can send one to you.

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SUDEP Action: Tel: 01235 772850

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