Alert-iT Companion Monitor

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The Companion Monitor system is a compact solution that comprises of an epilepsy sensor that is placed under the mattress which is then connected to a bedside monitor.

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The Companion Monitor system is a compact solution that comprises of an epilepsy sensor that is placed under the mattress which is then connected to a bedside monitor. Bed movement detection technology will trigger an epilepsy medical alert if the sensor picks up movement associated with tonic-clonic seizures. Additional sensors can be purchased to also detect sounds associated with seizures, urination, vomiting, or prolonged bed vacation.

The Companion Monitor is ideal for use at home or in care facilities to detect possible seizures that feature a strong presentation (e.g. tonic/clonic, Sounds, vomiting or Enuresis).

The Companion Monitor can be purchased in two options:

  • Pager
    This option is ideal for a home or nursing environment. If the companion sensor detects seizure activity it will immediately send an alert to a pager so that parents or staff can attend. The pager has a range of up to 450 meters
  • Careline Alarm 
    This option is perfect for someone who may spend long periods of time on their own, especially at night. If the Companion detects a seizure it will immediately activate a careline alarm installed in the home, enabling our 24/7 team at to handle the situation and summon emergency assistance.

Additional Sensors

The Enuresis Sensor (vomit or urination)
This is a comfortable thin cotton sheet placed on a mattress or pillow with embedded silver wires to detect moisture from urination or vomit. The sheet does not induce sweating, like plastic, and hence reduces sores and false alarms.

Bed Vacation
The monitor can be set to give either an immediate alarm when the occupant leaves the bed or only an alarm if the bed is vacant too long (which may indicate a collapse in the room). The normal epilepsy sensor mat is a pressure mat on top of the mattress but a range of other techniques are available for all client and mattress types.

Sound Sensor

The Sound Sensor is a special microphone that can detect sharp gasps, clicks or groans. The device, however, is insensitive to background noise such as talking, TVs, radios or vacuums. Alternatively, the sound level can be used for those who make continuous noises during distress.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to Set up
  • Pager included
  • Can be used as a standalone device with a pager or as part of a nurse call system
  • Optional epilepsy bed sensors available
  • Adjustable sensitivity levels to reduce false alarms
  • Adjustable alarm delay settings
  • The sensor is insensitive to background noise such as TV and Radio.

If you require any of the additional Epilepsy sensors then please contact us on 0800 180 8833 for further information.


What seizures can this bed sensor detect?

The Alert-it companion monitor can detect tonic clonic seizures.

Where should the sensor be placed?

The Bed Movement Sensor should be placed centrally underneath the mattress on a solid bed base or the foam pad supplied.

Whats included in the package?

1x Plesio Pager, 1x P176 Companion Mini + 2x Spare AAA (LR03) Batteries, 1x Pager Power Supply, 2x Cable ties & Velcro Pads, 1x USB Stick containing: Quick start video, programming software & Instructions and 1x USB 2.0 Type-A to micro-USB cable.

What is the range of the Plesio pager?

The Plesio pager has a range of up to up to 450 meters from the bed sensor.

What is the charging time and battery length of the Pager?

It takes 8 hours to charge the Plesio pager and it has a battery life of 80 hours.

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