The Intelligent Earbud

This ground-breaking device is transforming the way seizures are detected. The mjn-SERAS monitors brain activity and uses artificial intelligence to alert users and carers of an imminent seizure, 1-3 minutes notice before an episode occurs.

Over time, using highly sophisticated sensors that learn from the user’s brain activity, the mjn-SERAS can predict imminent seizures even sooner.

Designed to warn of imminent tonic-clonic, tonic, and atonic seizures.

Available in the UK exclusively from Epilepsy Alarms.

  • Alerts a paired Android phone of an imminent potential seizure.
  • Simultaneously alerts loved ones and carers.
  • Enables the user to find a safe place
  • Custom-made for a perfect fit.
  • Gathers data and creates reports to inform consultants and other medical staff.
  • Certified as a medical device in Europe


  • Suitable for ages 12+
  • Warns of imminent tonic, tonic-clonic, and atonic seizures
  • Designed for daytime seizure detection only. Not suitable for nocturnal seizures (for night-time seizure detection, please see our Embrace2 product)
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Wear peace of mind

The only epilepsy monitoring device that assesses the risk of seizures 1-3 minutes before they happen.

Artificial Intelligence that learns

When you first start to use the mjn-SERAS, you will need to activate ‘training mode’. The sensors will begin to monitor the user’s brain activity and will start to create your personalised algorithm. During training mode, a minimum of 5 seizures must be recorded so that the algorithm can understand how your body, specifically your brain, responds to a seizure. Once the AI has processed the seizure data, your device is ready to use.

You can use the mjn-SERAS app to save seizure activity data and highlight factors that may have influenced the seizures. Even if the alarm is false, the data is used to improve how the AI understands your unique requirements continuously. The app can be downloaded onto an Android smartphone and, even if you lose signal, the app will record your seizure activity data.

the mjn-SERAS earpiece numbered for informational purpose

1. Brain activity sensor
Measures the electrical activity in your brain and triggers a warning when the risk of a seizure is high – 1-3 minutes notice before a seizure occurs.

2. 3D printed earpiece
Made bespoke to the user’s ear canal offering the highest level of comfort when wearing the device. Weighing just 9.5 grams, the earpiece is lightweight and discreet – partially hidden behind the ear.

3. Artificial intelligence
Over time, artificial intelligence learns from the user and improves the device’s ability to both detect and predict future seizures.

Artificial Intelligence that alerts

mjn-SERAS uses 3 sensors to monitor brain activity which is sent via Bluetooth to the user’s mobile phone (Android only).

The device signals to the user’s smartphone with an alert both visually and audibly, 1-3 minutes before a seizure occurs. This provides enough time to warn those around them and ensure they are in safe surroundings. The app also has an easy-to-use seizure diary, giving you the ability to register seizures using the inbuilt calendar and view personalised statistics. You can also share this information with medical professionals.

The mobile app indicates three risk states:
Low risk – Minimum risk of seizure occurrence.
Medium risk – No significant risk of seizure.
High risk – Visual and acoustic warning signal alert.

mjn-SERAS smartphone app

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Please note, the mjn-SERAS app is not available on iOS devices.

mjn-SOCIAL mobile app icon

Data sharing with the social-SERAS Android app

Helping people with epilepsy to keep track of their daily lives using the social-SERAS app (Android only). All data is recorded and stored in a calendar and displayed in a graph format for easy visualisation of the evolution and patterns of epilepsy. Making it easier to share precise seizure activity with doctors and neurologists.

Please note, the social-SERAS app is not available on iOS devices.
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Operating system, battery life, fast charging

The mjn-SERAS is worn in the ear and connects to the user’s smartphone using an operating system of Android 5 or higher via Bluetooth. The device weighs just 9.5g with a battery life lasting up to 18 hours and recharges in approximately 1 hour.

Quality of life for everybody

Take a look at the main drive for the development of this project, a device that aims to significantly improve the quality of life of people with epilepsy.

Ordering your mjn-SERAS

Every device personalised for you, is bespoke and manufactured by MJN at their laboratories in Spain. To order your device, just follow these simple steps – we are here to help you every step of the way.

Important: At step 3 the product becomes bespoke and any refunds are subject to our terms and conditions. Delivery from this stage will take approximately 6-8 weeks.


Take the free suitability test to determine if the mjn-SERAS is the right device for you.

If you are eligible, you’ll be sent back here to place your order.


Visit an audiologist local to you who can create an impression or ‘earmould’ of your inner ear.

This is how the device is made bespoke, fits perfectly, and ensures maximum comfort.


Send your earmould to our team in London who will use it to create a digital 3D model of your inner ear.

The manufacturers in Spain will then begin creating your new earbud.

Important Notice

Due to the bespoke nature of the product, purchases of the mjn-SERAS are subject to a unique refund policy.

* mjn-neuro will return 80% of the purchase amount if within 9 months and after carrying out 3 training processes the mjn-SERAS does not fulfil its function of warning at least one minute before an epileptic seizure.


Who can use the mjn-SERAS?

mjn-SERAS can be used by both adults and children who qualify after completing the suitability test.

What seizure types does mjn-SERAS detect?

mjn-SERAS has been designed to help predict tonic, tonic-clonic, atonic, and myoclonic seizures.

The mjn-SERAS is not suitable for detecting nocturnal seizures.

Over time, thanks to the highly sophisticated technology inside the earbud, the mjn-SERAS can learn to predict other types of seizures the user may suffer from such as aura and absence seizures, although this is not guaranteed.

What do I need for mjn-SERAS to work?

The person using the mjn-SERAS will need two things:

1) A compatible Android smartphone.

2) The mjn-SERAS Android app.

Remember, the user needs to be connected to a mobile device via Bluetooth and within a 10-metre radius at all times.

Am I able to use the mjn-SERAS if I have an ear infection?

Do not use the product if you suffer from an infection in the ear canal or if you suffer from a skin lesion in the vicinity of the product’s area of influence.

What mobile devices can be used with the mjn-SERAS?

mjn-SERAS can only be paired with Android devices.

It is advisable that the device is the only Bluetooth device connected to the smartphone.

We cannot guarantee full compatibility with devices using any custom or unofficial versions of Android.

What does the mjn-SERAS app do?

The mjn-SERAS app is an alert system that signals 1-3 minutes before seizure occurrence.

It also, stores seizure data via Bluetooth from the device updating your personalised algorithm.

Over time, as the device algorithmically learns from the user's brain activity, it will be possible to customise the warning period.

How do I download the mjn-SERAS smartphone app?

To download the mjn-SERAS user app for an Android smartphone, use the link below. Please note, the mjn-SERAS app is not available on iOS devices.

Get it on Google Play

This app is only for the user of the mjn-SERAS device. Friends, family, and carers should download the social-SERAS Android app.

How do I download the social-SERAS smartphone app?

To download the social-SERAS app for an Android smartphone, use the link below. Please note, the social-SERAS app is not available on iOS devices.

Get it on Google Play

Please note, this app is intended for friends, family, and carers of the person who uses the device. The user should download the mjn-SERAS Android app.

How do I pair the device to my smartphone?

Download and start the mjn-SERAS Android app.

You will receive a unique UDI linked to your personalised algorithm and pairing code with your device, input the information to the app. Then calibration mode will begin.

How many devices can I pair with the mjn-SERAS?

Only the user's smartphone (Android only) can be paired with the earpiece.

What is the social-SERAS app?

The social-SERAS Android app is synchronised with the user's mjn-SERAS app. It is an additional app that can send an additional alert to trusted contacts should a seizure occur. It also enables access to consult remotely and in real-time to assess the risk of epileptic seizures.

Who can download the social-SERAS app?

Social-SERAS can be downloaded by caregivers/loved ones using an Android device.

The social-SERAS app is not available on iOS devices.

Can I be refunded?

Due to its bespoke creation, mjn-neuro will return 80% of the purchase amount if within 9 months, and after carrying out 3 training processes the mjn-SERAS does not fulfill its function of warning at least one minute before an epileptic seizure.

Do you ship worldwide?

We can only sell the mjn-SERAS to residents within the UK. We're unable to distribute outside the UK. Please visit mjn.cat for other regions.

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