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The latest ground-breaking technology transforming seizure detection

mjn-SERAS intelligent earbud

At Epilepsy Alarms UK, we think the mjn-SERAS is a total gamechanger that will shake up the world of devices that help users to manage their epilepsy. 

a girl wearing the mjn-SERAS earpiece

Tucked away behind the ear for discretion, it is composed of a bespoke earpiece with a lightweight sensor.  
The mjn-SERAS is an intelligent earbud containing highly sophisticated sensors that monitor a user’s brain activity and uses artificial intelligence to alert users and carers of an imminent seizure. Over time this highly sophisticated sensor learns how the user‘s body, specifically the brain, responds to a seizure – creating a bespoke algorithm which will raise an alert 1-3 minutes before a seizure occurs. This bespoke earbud is designed to cater for a wide range of seizures including tonic, tonic-clonic, atonic seizures.  

How does the mjn-SERAS work?

The mjn-SERAS uses 3 sensors to monitor brain activity which is sent via Bluetooth to the user’s paired Android mobile. When the algorithm has developed after a training period (a minimum of 5 seizures required), the machine-learning device will send alerts both audibly and visually directly to the user’s paired Android phone to warn them of seizure activity 1 to 3 minutes before they happen. Providing enough time to warn those around them and ensure they are in safe surroundings.

About the mjn-SERAS app

 The mjn-SERAS Android app has three states to indicate seizure risk: low, medium and high. When the risk of a seizure is high, the device signals the user‘s smartphone with an alert both visually and audibly. The app has an easy-to-use seizure diary, giving the user the ability to register additional seizure activity using the inbuilt calendar and view personalised statistics which can be shared with medical professionals.  
Even if an alarm is false, the data stored within the app is used to improve how the AI understands the user’s unique requirements continuously. The app can be used to save seizure activity data and highlight factors that may have influenced seizures. By logging seizure data via the app, over time the computer inside the device algorithmically improves its ability not just to detect but also, the ability to predict future seizures by up to 3 minutes.

Alert caregivers or loved ones with social-SERAS

Connect the social-SERAS Android app directly with the mjn-SERAS user to receive real-time seizure alerts, keeping you up to date on a loved one’s seizure activity as they happen.  

Key facts and features of the mjn-SERAS 

• Designed to cater for a wide range of seizures 

(Tonic-clonic, absence, tonic, loss of consciousness and atonic seizures) 

• Discreet earbud sits comfortably behind the ear 

• Audio & visual alerts before a seizure occurs, enabling the user to find a safe place 

• Alerts via the mjn app to the user and caregiver’s mobile  

• 1-to-3-minute warning before a seizure occurs 

• Gathers data to share with medical professionals 

• Easy-to-use seizure diary for epilepsy management 

• Certified as a medical device in Europe 

• 18-hour battery life and 60-minute charge time 

• Requires an Android smartphone (user and caregiver) 

Learn more about the mjn-SERAS

If you are interested in the mjn-SERAS for you or someone in your care, visit our product page to learn more or to find out if the mjn-SERAS is suitable for your needs.

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