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News  •   March 26, 2015   •  By Emma Breedon

Purple Day 2015 Raises Epilepsy Awareness

March 26th marks an important day for organisations such as ourselves as we celebrate Purpleday 2015. This is an international day to help raise awareness of Epilepsy around the world. It’s also a great opportunity to showcase some of the new technologies that are helping people cope with the Epilepsy.

Here at Epilepsy Alarms we pride ourselves on trying to source technologies that really make a difference to people’s lives. For example, in recent months we have been delighted with our customer’s feedback on the new Pulse Guard Epilepsy sensor. If you haven’t read about it before then you will find the information below very helpful.

Pulse Guard Epilepsy Sensor

Clinical tests show that just prior to a seizure a person’s pulse will very often rise rapidly. This is why Pulse Guard is so effective and is helping so many people. The comfortable wrist band constantly monitors a user’s pulse and relays this to an app on an iPad mini. The App is programmed to raise an alarm if the pulse increases beyond the “normal” resting rate.

Pulse Guard is particularly ideal for people who have seizures at night and is suitable for people of all ages, even young children. Data can be exported into excel files and then emailed to medical professionals for analysis. This can be especially helpful as the data can often pinpoint when seizures occur and therefore help to identify triggers, or indeed confirm how many seizures a person may have at night.

Pulse Guard is also helpful for clients who may be in danger of SUDEP as the system can be programmed to trigger an alarm when the pulse rate falls below the “normal” resting pulse rate. It really has made a difference too many families across the UK. Perhaps you may know someone close to you that could benefit?

Epi-Care Tonic Clonic Sensor

Another extremely popular piece of technology that has helped many people in the last year is the Epi-Care sensor. Epi-Care is wrist worn sensor that has a gyroscope and fall sensor built into it. So, rather than monitor the pulse-like Pulse Guard, Epi-Care monitors movement. The sensor will detect a tonic clonic seizure within around 10 seconds. Once it is detected the sensor will raise an alert either via a smartphone, a pager or a careline alarm. For more detailed information why not visit our website to see if this may be suitable for someone you know.

We continue to search for other new technologies that may help people with Epilepsy and we will have some exciting new devices in the next few months. So keep checking back to our website to see what’s new! Why not subscribe to our blog to be the first to be notified of new products when we launch them.

To help raise awareness of Purple Day, we are offering a 10% discount on the Epi-Care range of sensors between 26th– 31st of March 2015. For more information call us on 0800 180 8833.

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