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Managing Money with Epilepsy: Resources for the Unemployed

Many people with epilepsy struggle financially, often because they have trouble getting a job. Two-thirds of working-age people with epilepsy are currently not working. 

Somebody with epilepsy will find it much harder being unemployed than others who live without the condition. This is because people living with epilepsy often have more to pay out than those living without it.

They might have to pay more for insurance policies because of their health. Also, they have to factor in the cost of equipment specifically designed to help people with seizures. 

Parents who care for children who have epilepsy may have to work less and give their kids more time and attention. This means they won’t make as much money. In short, people who live with epilepsy often need to spend more money on their health and it is harder for them to find a job.

Having epilepsy doesn’t mean a person can’t work, but their types of seizures and how often they happen can affect their job. 

A study by the Institute for Employment Studies found that employers are overly careful and scared to hire people with epilepsy, often because of safety concerns.

The stigma around employing someone with epilepsy is unfortunate and misguided. Epilepsy is a condition that affects people worldwide, but it does not define a person or their ability to do well in the workplace. Many who have epilepsy can have successful careers and add value to the jobs they do.

What will it take for things to get better?

With good management and support, people with epilepsy can thrive in a variety of professional roles. By creating an inclusive and understanding work environment, employers can not only break down the stigma surrounding epilepsy but also tap into a diverse pool of talent and potential. are campaigning to change the attitudes of employers and improve the support available to people with epilepsy who wish to work. See more on their employment campaign page

In the meantime, what resources and help are available to you if you are struggling to earn money? Read on for advice on the benefits and funding that might be available to you. You’ll also learn how we are working hard at Epilepsy Alarms UK to make essential epilepsy equipment accessible to everyone.


Not everyone with epilepsy may be able to or want to claim benefits. The type of benefits you can apply for will depend on how epilepsy affects you. Each case is individual. Still, we have put together a list of benefits that you may be eligible for along with information on applying for it. 

  • Free Prescriptions

If you’re diagnosed with epilepsy and living in the UK, you’re entitled to get all NHS prescriptions free. Find out how to get free prescriptions

  • Travel Benefits

If your seizures mean you can’t have a driving licence, you can apply for free or discounted travel on buses, coaches, and trains. 

  • Personal Independence Payment 

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is a benefit to help with some of the daily costs of living for people with an illness, disability or mental health problem. You can apply for it if you’re working or not. Your earnings and savings won’t affect your eligibility.

  • Universal Credit

Universal Credit is another benefit that provides payments to help with your living costs. You may be able to get it if you’re on low earnings, are out of work or can’t work.

Funding and Grants

At Epilepsy Alarms UK we’re proud to offer a variety of products designed to help people with epilepsy. But, we understand that not everyone is in a position to spend money on an alarm. If this is true for you, there are several UK charities that can help you with raising funds for essential epilepsy alarms. 

We will gladly speak with epilepsy nurses, consultants, occupational therapists, and other medical professionals to make sure you get the right epileptic alarm for you.

Spread the Cost

If you’re unable to receive funding, we hope PayPal Pay in 3 will help you to buy an alarm.

  • PayPal Pay in 3 – Pay in 3 is a service offered by PayPal which allows you to split the payment of a purchase into 3 monthly instalments. This service is interest-free and there are no hidden fees.

VAT Exemption

VAT exemption is a government scheme that lets people with a disability or a long-term medical condition, like epilepsy, buy an epilepsy alarm system without paying VAT. 

Living with epilepsy can come with its own set of financial challenges. But it’s important to remember that you don’t have to face them alone. There are resources available to help you navigate the financial struggles that may arise. Funding, grants, and benefits specifically designed for individuals living with epilepsy can provide much-needed support.

If you find yourself in a difficult financial situation, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the epilepsy helplines mentioned below. They can offer guidance, and help you explore the options available to you. 

Remember, there is help out there. By reaching out, you can take an important step towards better managing your money while living with epilepsy.

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