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Epilepsy Alarms UK and Young Epilepsy partner up! 

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In our continued mission to raise awareness around how technology can be used to enhance the lives of those living with epilepsy, we are proud to announce a new partnership with esteemed UK charity Young Epilepsy.  

Epilepsy Alarms UK and Young Epilepsy will be working together to raise awareness of the many technological advances that can help young people with epilepsy thrive and fulfil their potential.  

Who are Young Epilepsy?

With roots dating back as far as 1897, Young Epilepsy has evolved from what was originally an organisation that taught agricultural skills to people with learning or physical disabilities to the only UK charity dedicated to creating better lives for children and young people with epilepsy.  

Boasting over 125 years of proven history, Young Epilepsy is rich with experience in epilepsy. It is now a nationally renowned charity that leads the way in supporting children and young people in the UK who are living with the condition1.

What do they do?

Young Epilepsy provides a wealth of services, including a virtual channel chat, health information resources, training courses for professionals working in health, social care and education, and the promotion of good practices within schools2. The charity also runs regular campaigns and challenges to raise money and awareness surrounding epilepsy and mental health.  

As a part of their ongoing hard work to help young people with epilepsy to thrive, Young Epilepsy recently launched The Channel – a platform that was co-created together with the charity’s Young Reps to share important information, knowledge and advice with young people who want to understand and manage their condition3.  

Learn more about Young Epilepsy’s Young Reps

“Designed in a similar style to a social media platform, The Channel provides information on lifestyle, health and epilepsy-related subjects through video, animation and blog posts.  Young people feel part of the community, leave comments, ask questions directly and, importantly, contact Young Epilepsy for further support3.”

Why are we partnering with Young Epilepsy?

Not only do Young Epilepsy work tirelessly to help young people to live with their condition, but they also provide incredible support for schools, professionals, carers, and loved ones.  

We are confident that working together with a reputable charity such as Young Epilepsy can help create an exciting future for young epilepsy warriors right across the UK.  

What does this mean?

Watch this space! We have lots of exciting content on its way to you, including a great podcast featuring a round table discussion that TV’s Dr Hilary Jones MBE is hosting. It will feature insightful and honest conversations with Dr Hilary, Young Epilepsy’s Young Reps and Hum Fleming, who is Young Epilepsy ambassador4.  

In the podcast, our guests share their experiences with epilepsy, and together they dive into several different topics; the different types of seizures, the stigma surrounding epilepsy, the various types of technology available to help young people manage their condition, anxiety and the impact that epilepsy has on mental health, and more.  






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