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5 People With Epilepsy You Didn’t Know About

Although epilepsy has been recognised as a condition since the days of Aristotle, there is still a great deal of ignorance about the condition.  Today’s blog is a celebration of people with epilepsy in the public eye who have, in one form or another, raised awareness of the condition and, we hope, promote better understanding.


Top of our list is The Purple One himself.  The man responsible for releasing, in this blogger’s opinion, the greatest album of all time (Purple Rain, since you ask).  A pioneer of music spanning five decades, Prince has even penned a song about his condition in the song ‘The Sacrifice of Victor’.

Julius Caesar

Played a key role in the demise of the Roman Republic and ushering in the Roman Empire.  Julius Caesar had a history of seizures in his family, though the cause of them is a disputed topic among historians, some believe they might have been caused by a parasitic infection of the brain.

Lil Wayne

A more contemporary example.  The New Orleans based rapper has sold millions of albums across the world and although his epilepsy has, at times, experienced seizures and been admitted to hospital on a number of occasions. One of the most popular rap musicians currently working Lil Wayne’s career is on an upward trajectory and shows no signs of stopping.

Danny Glover

Star of such movies as The Color Purple and the Lethal Weapon series, Danny Glover is one of Hollywood’s most recognisable and respected actors and known for his fierce stands on a range of humanitarian and political issues. Danny Glover has spoken openly and candidly about his epilepsy in numerous interviews.  An engaging speaker, Mr.Glover’s spoke of his experience of having epilepsy during the 33rd Annual Epilepsy Foundation National Conference.

Hugo Weaving

Known for his commanding presence in both The Matrix and The Lord of the Rings trilogies, Australian actor Hugo Weaving experienced his first seizure at the age of 13.  Hugo Weaving has been taking epilepsy medication for over 30 years now, an experience he has spoken about in a range of interviews, bringing the experiences of many with epilepsy to international attention.  A recent interview with The Guardian reveals much about his experiences.

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