from £539.00

  • Detects Tonic Clonic Seizures
  • Ideal for Nursing home or residential use 

This bed sensor based system is designed to detect micro movements associated with Tonic Clonic seizures. A large thin sensor mat is placed under the user’s mattress and can detect when a person has continued abnormal movements over a pre-set period of time and then raises an alert.

The Emfit Control Unit has a built in audible alarm which will sound during a seizure which is ideal where a carer or parent is in the same room. You can also connect a pager or careline alarm to the Emfit epilepsy bed sensor.

The Emfit system can be purchased in two options:

  • Pager
    This option is ideal for a home or nursing environment. If the companion sensor detects seizure activity it will immediately send an alert to a pager so that parents or staff can attend. The pager has a range of up to 200 meters
  • Careline Alarm 
    This option is perfect for someone who may spend long periods of time on their own, especially at night. If the Companion detects a seizure it will immediately activate a careline alarm installed in the home, enabling our 24/7 team at to handle the situation and summon emergency assistance.

Key Benefits

  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Can be used as a bed occupancy sensor
  • Six months failure back-up
  • Compatible with nurse call systems
  • Easy set-up

I live alone and worry about getting help with seizures during the night. Since I have had this alarm installed I feel so much better. It connects to a careline alarm, so now I have so much more confidence as I know someone will be contacted if I have a seizure. Worth every penny. – T. Goldsmith, E Sussex

Having this alarm means I no longer have to sleep in the same room as my daughter. I get a better nights sleep as I know the pager will sound if she has a seizure. Its really helped our family life, thank you! – K. Eccles, Lancashire

What mattress types will the Emit Sensor work with? 
The Emfit monitor is designed to work with all mattress types. This would include sprung mattresses as well as memory foam and extra deep mattresses.

I have a King size bed, will the Emfit still work? 
The Emfit bed sensor will work as long as its placed in the area where the individual mainly sleeps. If they are inclined to move during the night we recommend considering a second Emfit sensor.

Where do I put the sensor? 
The Emfit monitor is placed under your mattress. If the base of your bed is made up of slats we recommend placing a piece of plywood under the mattress to ensure a continuous flat surface for the sensor.

Will the sensor give any false alarms? 
False alarms may occasionally occur if the bed exit function is active. False alarms can also be triggered if someone is particularly restless when using the Emfit seizure monitor. This can be minimised by ensuring the sensitivity is set correctly. You can also set a delay from 10 to 20 seconds before the alarm activates when it detects fast movement.

Can I travel with the Emfit sensor? 
Yes, the Emfit Epilepsy monitor is fully transportable but we do recommend that you transport the sensor in its original packaging to ensure the system is not damaged. It is also worth bearing in mind that you may have to adjust the sensitivity on the control unit for different mattress types.

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