An innovative monitor that detects changes in your heart rate that may indicate a seizure.

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  • Especially helpful to monitor children at night
  • Ideal for home use  

Nocturnal seizures are a major concern for parents and carers, especially for those caring for younger children. Brio has been designed to monitor the heart rate and raises an alert if it detects changes in the heart rate. An unusual heart rate may indicate seizure activity or other cardiac issues, this can be a helpful indicator especially where no other visible signs of a seizure are in progress.

How Does Brio Work?

In many cases, the heart rate of someone with epilepsy can increase, or even decrease, prior to or during, a seizure. The Brio System constantly monitors the user’s heart rate via a sensor which feeds this information back to the sophisticated Brio app held on your smartphone or tablet. The Brio will then analyse the data and initiates an alert if the heart rate falls outside the parameters.

NEW! Add a Second Device

Our standard Brio package allows you to download the app onto one device. To make monitoring even easier, you can now download the Brio onto a second device. This can be especially helpful if your child is cared for by more than one person.

This is available for a reduced price of just £80 when you order your Brio. Just select the Second Device option when at the checkout and we will provide you with two access codes for when you download from the app store or Google Play.

Please Note: If you select a second device option you cannot use both devices at the same time as the wristbands can only send the heart rate data to one device.

Key Features

  • Designed to monitor heart rate which may help detect seizure activity.
  • Suitable for most ages.
  • Stored heart rate data can be used to assist with future care plans.
  • User-friendly and discreet.
  • Can be used on iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.
  • 18-22 hour battery life

Ideal for:

  • Parents who are looking for epilepsy alarms for children with nocturnal seizures
  • Anyone who regularly has seizures at home and has a relative or carer onsite
  • Care environments with on-call staff
  • People at risk of SUDEP

Please note:  Device must be Bluetooth (LE) Compatible 
iOS  – iPad Gen 3 and above, iPhone 4 and above / Android – Please check device specification.

We advise that you use Brio on a designated device that has no other applications running. This is to prevent possible interference.



Can Brio work on Android and Apple Devices?

Yes it can, you can download the Brio app from both the Apple app Store and Google Play.

Does it work on Smartphones and Tablets?

Yes , Brio works on either.

Can I use Brio on more than one device?

No – you can only use the Brio system on one device per activation key.

How far can the smartphone or tablet be away from the Brio wrist band?

The wristband needs to be within 10m of the smartphone or tablet that uses the Brio App. Distance may vary depending on device.

Can this distance be increased?

If you purchase a Bluetooth speaker with the Brio system this can increase the distance from where you can hear a Brio alert. The wristband can be 10m from the smartphone and the speaker can be a further 10m from the smartphone, essentially giving up to a 20m range. This distance can alter depending on the makeup of the home such as thickness of walls and floors etc.

Can Brio send alerts to users in another location?

Currently Brio will only activate an audible alert locally. It cannot send alerts to third parties.

What is the battery life of the wristband and how long do they take to charge?

The Brio wrist band lasts between 18 - 22 hours.

What material are the wristbands made of and are they waterproof?

The Brio wristbands are made of soft silicone and are water resistant to 30m.

What format does Brio supply the data in so I can share it with a Health Care Professional?

This data will be in CSV format which can then be easily converted into easy to read graphs by using basic functionality in Microsoft Excel.

Are there any on going costs with using Brio?

No, you pay a one-off price for the system and there are no ongoing costs

Can I use my existing Baby monitor?

No, we advise that no other devices are used in conjunction with Brio as it can cause connectivity interference and disruptions.

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