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Pay in 3 with Epilepsy Alarms and Klarna.

Epilepsy affects around 1 in every 100 people currently living in the UK. That’s around 600,000 people who are forced to live with this unpredictable illness, that can have a serious impact on health, quality of life, employment and can lead to feelings of isolation.

For parents of children with epilepsy, the fear of seizures can be life-altering as many must adapt their homes, nighttime routines and daily lives to navigate the risks involved when someone could have a dangerous or at times life-threatening seizure.

We’re proud to offer a variation of products, but we also understand the financial implication of buying such a device. For some, clicking ‘order now’ on a £599 alarm is a perfectly reasonable and do-able option. For others, it’s completely out of reach. Epilepsy doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t target a certain type of person with a particular economic status.

We listen to our customers and we take in the feedback we receive on our social media platforms. Many say that the devices we offer should be given for free.

We share this belief, and we work with some NHS organisations and charities who supply alarms at minimal or no cost to users. However, we understand not everyone is afforded this and funding, although available, can be a lengthy process and not everyone is eligible.

We hear you. We know it’s not easy to fork out £1,000, £599 or even £249 in one hit. Many are struggling to make ends meet but an epilepsy alarm can be life-changing and in some cases lifesaving.

That’s why we made it our mission to bring to our users an easier way to pay, in association with a finance company we believe are shaking up the online shopping experience. No hidden charges, no interest or late payment fees.

We’re extremely excited and proud to have partnered with Klarna, and here’s why you should be too.

Who Are Klarna

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve heard of Swedish based bank Klarna. They’ve blown up in the UK over the past few months but have been established since 2005.

They’re market disrupters, with the world’s biggest brands getting them on board to offer their customers flexible ways of paying. You’ll find them online at ASOS, Samsung, Topshop and even in-store at Schuh.

The word ‘Klarna’ is translated from the Swedish word ‘clear’ as they’ve made it their mission to bring to you a transparent and simple service which outlines exactly how it works from the get-go.

‘Klarna by name, Klarna by nature.’

How Does Klarna Work

Klarna is extremely simple to use. There’s no lengthy application process or complicated website to trawl through. When you reach the checkout on the Epilepsy Alarms website, you simply fill in the basic information for the Pay 3 option and that’s it. Done and dusted.

You might be worried about your credit score, but you shouldn’t as Klarna only performs a soft credit check. That means no trace on your record to future creditors. The only people who’ll know you’ve used the online payment method is you, Klarna and your credit check company.

Once you’ve entered your card details and paid the first payment at the checkout, Klarna will keep a hold of these details, securely, for the remaining two payments. The payments will then be automatically collected on a monthly basis. However, it is possible to change the card details further down the line should you need to. You simply log into the app, go to your order and input the card details. Simple.

The Klarna App

The Klarna app is incredibly simple to navigate and is easy to keep track of all of your purchases and Pay Later in 3 orders.

Download for iOS here
Download for Android here.

The app stores all of your Klarna orders from merchants they work with. That means you’ll have your Epilepsy Alarms order in the app next to your Boohoo or Superdry order. You simply click into the order you’d like to track or manage and see how much is left outstanding when the payment is due and you’re also able to pay it off early if required.

The app will send notifications to your phone when payment is upcoming, if it’s late or if there’s been an issue.

Klarna has many different ways of paying, with varying terms per payment method. To view the terms and conditions and FAQ’s for Pay Later in 3, go here.

We’re really proud to have taken this step in the right direction to help our users pay for an epilepsy alarm for themselves, a loved one or client.

Hopefully, in the future, alarms will be more readily available in part or in full for free from the NHS or other organisations, but until then we hope this flexible, hassle-free form of payment will benefit you and open up a door that may have been previously closed.

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