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New Brio Epilepsy Alert System Launched to Help Save Lives

Epilepsy Alarms UK is pleased to announce the launch of our new Epilepsy alarm system, Brio. The system is designed to help families who care for someone with Epilepsy, especially children who have night time seizures.
Over 600,000 people have Epilepsy in the UK*, with over 1000 dying from premature death (SUDEP) each year**. The aim of Brio is to help improve the lives of families by giving carers an early warning alert if someone is about to have a seizure and help reduce the number of SUDEP cases.

In the vast majority of cases of Epilepsy there is a significant change in someone’s pulse just prior to an epileptic seizure occurring. Brio monitors a person’s pulse rate by means of a silicon wrist sensor, with the data being transmitted to the Brio App on a nearby smartphone or tablet.

The App allows you to set a “safe zone” for the users resting pulse. If Brio detects the pulse rate moving outside the safe zone then it will raise an alert on the smartphone, thereby notifying parents or carers of a potential seizure.

The data relating to a seizure is stored on the App, allowing this vital information to be shared with Consultants and other Healthcare Professionals, thereby improving the ongoing care provision of the user.

In trials the system has been extremely effective in detecting seizures and has given real peace of mind to the families using it.

Mel Rayment from Kent has slept in the same room as her daughter Bo for the last nine years. Bo has nocturnal seizures and Mel sleeps nearby just in case she is needed at night. Mel said, “Brio is great, its super easy to use and we love the way it monitors Bo’s pulse to give me an early warning of a possible seizure.” She adds, “Brio has given me the confidence that Bo can now sleep in her own room alone as I know Brio will alert me if I’m needed”.

Neil Evans, Managing Director of Epilepsy Alarms UK commented “We are confident that Brio is going to help so many families who care for someone with Epilepsy. Having had experience of the condition myself, I am aware of the challenges parents face and we are confident that Brio can bring peace of mind to parents, improve the lives of families across the UK and reduce the number of premature deaths.”

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*Epilepsy Action

** SUDEP Action

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